Weed Control & Fertilizer Program

Weed control and fertilizer program using specific fertilizer for your type of grass and herbicide that target the weeds in your lawn. We offer a 6-step program throughout the year.
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Aerating & Dethatching

Aerating loosens the soil that is compacted and allows the soil to breathe.

Dethatching removes mats of dead grass layers between the soil and the grass allowing water and fertilizers to reach the soil.

Disease & Insect Identification

When lawns have disease or insect problems, we work to identify the problem and recommend treatment options.

Mosquito Program
We spray areas around your house where mosquitos hide. Assuring mosquitos are controlled for 21 days. Repeating treatments every 28-30 days to maintain continuous control at the customer’s request.
Fire Ant Program

Bait treatment applied in the spring and the fall to control red imported fire ants.

Mole Control
Using an EPA approved machine, we will force smoke and carbon monoxide into the tunnels to reduce the mole activity.
Bare Spot Repair
We can overseed with grass seed in bare sports or overseed existing grass to help thicken your lawn. It is an option to sodding.

Weed Control and Fertilizer Program

We offer a 6-step program throughout the year that is sure to have your lawn looking exactly the way you want:

Round One - mid winter January-February- blanket pre -emergent and post emergent herbicide application.

Round Two - early spring- March-April - blanket pre- emergent and post emergent herbicide application plus iron.

Round Three - spring- Mid April – May- granular fertilization

Round Four - Summer- June-July- granular fertilization

Round Five - late summer- August- October- blanket pre-emergent application

Round Six - Fall-winter- Mid October-December- - blanket pre- emergent and post emergent herbicide application.