Our program consist of pre-emergent and/or post-emergent herbicides applied at the proper time to control weeds so that your grass can grow with little to no competition from weeds. We also offer fertilizer programs so that your grass can grow thick and healthy once weeds are under control. The full program consist of 6 steps throughout the year,and irrigation systems are recommended for optimal results. Soil samples can be taken and sent to Clemson for analysis to assist in formulating a plan for your lawn. We can identify diseases, and insect problems and recommend corrective actions. Our program and your commitment will have your lawn beautiful.

Aerate & Dethatch

Weed Control & Fertilizer Program

Fire Ant Program

Mosquito Program

Identify Diseases & Insects



With over 10 years of experience in the business we know how to provide just what your lawn needs.



We evaluate the type of weeds and apply the appropriate herbicide to target these weeds without damaging the turf.


We use only EPA approved products that are not harmful to you, your children, or your pets.

Personal Attention

We contact customers before any services are rendered so you can advise us of any problems or concerns you may have.

We return phone calls in a timely manner and we have a dependable and reliable staff.

You are not bound by a contract.


I’ve used SLS for several years. I purchased the program that was needed for my grass.  I had weed issues and with their program my yard looks outstanding. they are hardworkers and dedicated to your yard needs.


Peggy McCaskill

I tried to treat my yard on my own but I was not successful. I still had weeds coming up especially in the winter. I was hesitant about starting a program but there was no contract and no obligation. I started one year ago and I'm very satisfied with the results. I have now added the fire ant program and mosquito program, which I'm also very pleased with. They also contact me, which gives me the final say on any round. I would recommend Southern Lawn Solutions to anyone who needs help with their yard.


Jill Hunt

We have used Southern Lawn Solutions exclusively for all of our lawn treatments on the residential and commercial properties that we service. Maintaining properties that Southern Lawn Solutions has treated for fire ants and troublesome weeds is a breeze! They make our job easier as well as more appealing to our clients! We highly recommend Southern Lawn Solutions for ALL of your Lawn treatment needs!

Jay Duke

Rivercrest Land Management

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